Terms & Conditions of Sale

All our designs are one off pieces made from vintage or a combination of vintage and modern fabrics. The designs are both intricate and delicate and whilst this adds to their attraction, it does mean that they are not as robust as standardise brands and need to be treated with care.

We avoid using damaged or weak fabric but in some cases our garments may contain minor imperfections but we do our best to point these out. However, due to the uniqueness of each piece this is not always possible.

Each garment is a one-off, so we can only offer limited sizes. However, measurements are included in the description.

Please be aware that buying, trying and returning our clothing creates added stress to the garment, so unless you feel comfortable with the process and have checked your measurements, we would advise against buying vintage clothing.

In the event that garments are returned in the same condition as they left our premises, a full refund will be given.

We can promise you that our designs are made to a very high standard and we strive with each of our Customised Vintage range to produce the Skinny Rich Fairies “WOW” factor with lots of hand finished detail.

In their time our designs will become collectible classics and once you have experienced a Skinny Rich Fairies design, we are confident that you will come back for more.